Which areas of play are: arcades, quests, casinos.

By rough estimates, in the history of computer games, and this period is more than half a century, several hundred thousand applications were created. Some games have already been forgotten, in their place are projects with more beautiful graphics and delaying gameplay. The army of gamers also grew up – now, when almost everyone has a tablet, PC or smartphone, millions of people spend hours of time on their gaming hobby every day.

Despite the huge range of games, if you want you can try to systematize them. The easiest way to do this is to determine the main trends in the genres. Which of them is the most popular today, which was known since the first computer, which is considered the most promising?

The Arcades are the largest group

Arcades are not only the oldest genre. Today, these games are experiencing a second birth with the growth of mobile applications and browser games. As a rule, they are elementary in terms of graphic design and do not require any special skills from the player. Management and the very meaning of arcades are simple enough to cope with them any player, regardless of their age.


Rpg game

Role-playing games

Complex game projects in which the user is given the opportunity to take control of some character, often customized, and then live in a virtual world, fighting, trading, communicating with the same live players and computer characters. Most of the mass RPGs are multiplayer projects, the audience of which sometimes amounts to hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

Quests – a game for aesthetes

Quest – a unique genre that requires not even the speed of reaction and skills to press the buttons, but the ability to analyze, notice the details, to reason logically. Quest – it’s a leisurely narrative in which you have to solve puzzles and problems, gradually revealing all the secrets of the story.

Casino and gambling

Money games are in a special place for a reason. Unlike all other game projects, shooters, strategies, puzzles, gambling requires real money that can be lost. In addition, the result of any “game of chance” does not depend on the user’s actions, and he is, in fact, only an observer who makes bets. That is why you should play such games only after you have realized all the risks.